Transportation Services

We have a modern fleet of trucks, which are regularly serviced by our team of qualified Mechanics. Our trucks are fitted with satalite navigations systems that allows us to monitor their locations and ensure that your cargo is delivered on time to any destination.

Through our systems and infrastructure, we are capable of monitoring your dealings with oursleves securely online at anytime any where these include:

  • invoices
  • qoutes
  • trouble tickets
  • documents relating to the services we offer you
Additional Services

Through our sister company 70.71 Investments we also act as agents to secure a constant source of equipment stock and a comprehensive selection of (UK tractor units), trailers, tippers, rigids, tankers and (Chinese trailers).

We have developed a network of companies that supply equipment to a high standard at competitive prices.
………. and, as your agent, we can supply any make or model you require.

For more information please go to: Equipment Sourcing Section